Metal IBCs

Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) can be used for Transport and Storage of liquid and granulate substances (e.g. chemicals, food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals).

IBCs have a volume range that is situated between drums and tanks (500 liter to 3000 liter - therefore „intermediate“). Cubic IBCs (there are also other shapes e.g. cylindrical IBC) give a good utilisation of storage capacity in comparison e.g. to drums. Because of their size, IBCs have to be moved with a forklift or a pallet jack.

Metal IBC are usually made from stainless steel. They consist of a frame in which a cubical or cylindrical container is enclosed.

Stainless steel can be cleaned easily and residue-free because with stainless steel there is no diffusing of product into the container wall like it is the case with e.g. plastic material. Therefore Metal-IBC can be used for application with frequent change of product and as aseptic food containers. Also these properties make recycling unproblematic.

Metal IBCs have a lifetime of sometimes more than 20 years. If Metal IBCs have an approval for the transport of dangerous goods this can be renewed by regular inspection by a competent person. As opposed to this, ADR prescribes in chapter a maximum period of use of 5 years from the date of manufacture for plastic IBCs or composite IBCs with plastic inner receptables“ (as well as plastic drums and plastic jerricans) unless otherwise approved by the competent authority” or “a shorter period of use is prescribed because of the nature of the substance to be carried.”

cubic Metal-IBC, blue frame
Cubic Metal-IBC