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Manufacturer of metal IBC approved at UN

Düsseldorf, 31. Juli 2013 – The leading European manufacturers of metal IBC – in 2010 they jointed forces as Stainless Steel Container Association (SSCA) – have got now the so called „Consultative status“ at the ECOSOC Sub-Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (UN SCE TDG) of the United Nations.

At its 43rd session end of Juni 2013 this Sub-Committee had approved the application of SSCA, to achieve the „consultative status“ for that UN body.

Thereby the representatives of SSCA are allowed to take part at the sessions of UN SCE TDG what meets twice a year and to introduce applications there. In this way it could be guaranteed that henceforth also the concerns of Metal-IBCs will be considered at the consultations on UN level.

For the next meeting of this UN body SSCA intends to apply for the change of the UN dangerous goods regulations – the so called „UN Model Regulations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods“ – with regard to the “minimum wall thickness”. Background: only for Metal-IBC the mentioned UN dangerous goods regulations demand a minimum wall thickness (paras and as well). For packaging and other IBCS such a provision does not exist. Furthermore the specified minimum wall thickness is barring the way to innovations for the segment of Metal-IBCs. In addition the reduction of the wall thickness could lead to less packaging weight and is therefore a contribution to environmental protection without jeopardising the safety for the transport of dangerous goods proven by the type design test.

Members of the SSCA are the companies Automationstechnik GmbH, Langenwang (Austria), Azzini S.p.A., Soresina (Italy), Contek IBC Service GmbH, Ellrich (Germany), Schäfer Werke GmbH, Neunkirchen (Germany) und UCON AG, Hausach (Germany).

Jens Gozian (UCON AG) is chairman, the vice-chairman is Wolfgang Kuhn (Contek IBC Service GmbH).

Each company can become a member of SSCA that shares the aims of the association and supports it both financially and conceptually.